307 Circuit Breaker Analyzer

1) Closing and opening time measurement of 12 channels
2) Max difference of closing or opening time measurement of three phases
3) C-O and O-C time measurement
4) Rated operation sequence test
5) Bounce time and frequency measurement of breaker closing
6) Circuit breaker closing and opening speed measurement
7) Travel-time, coil current-time curve of circuit breaker operation measurement
8) Travel and clearance of circuit breaker measurement
9) Variable DC circuit breaker operation power supply
10) Closing arc resistance value and connected time measurement
11) Closing time and opening time of graphite circuit breaker measurement
12) Print test results by internal micro printers

Technical index
1) Time measurement range: 400ms, resolution O.lms Time measurement error <0.2ms
2) Speed measurement:
Range 2m/s resolution 0.01m/s
Range 20m/s resolution 0.01m/s
3) Travel measurement:
Max error<0.1m/s
Max error<0.2m/s
Range 50.0mm resolution 0.1mm max error< 1%RDG+O.l %FS
Range 300.0mm resolution 1mm max error<1%RDG+0.1%FS
Range 600.0mm resolution 1mm max error<1%RDG+0.1%FS
4) Coil current measurement range 20.00A, resolution 0.01A, error 2%RDG+0.2%FS
5) Closing resistance value measurement range: 100-10000 ohms, error: 5%RDG
6) DC Power out: DC30V-250V/20A (instantaneous)
7) Travel sensors configuration: angle, acceleration and line (optional)
8) Test standard: IEC62271
9) Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz
10) Temperature: 0-50? humidity: <85%
11) Size: 360mmx280mmx300mm
12) Weight: 10kg