Automatic Cord Reels Endurance Tester MLTARE-1

Product information:
The device is used to detect automatic cord reels, and it conforms to IEC60335-1 clause 22.16. Two-thirds of the length of the cord is unreeled. If the withdrawable length of the cord is less than 225 cm, the cord is unreeled so that a length of 75 cm remains on the reel. An additional length of 75 cm of the cord is then unreeled and pulled in a direction so that the greatest abrasion occurs to the sheath, taking into account the normal position of use of the appliance. When the cord leaves the appliance, the angle between the axis of the cord during the test and the axis of the cord when it is unreeled without substantial resistance is approximately 60°, the cord is allowed to be recoiled by the reel.

Technical parameters:
1、 Power supply:AC 220-240 V 50-60 Hz;
2、 Working air source:compressed air 5~7kg/cm2
3、 Test rate:30 times/min(If the rate allowed by the construction of the cord reel is less than 30 times per minute, the test is carried out at a maximum rate allowed by the construction of the cord reel.);
4、 Test times:0~9999 times,the device will stop working automatically when the preset test times reached.
5、 Drive mode:pneumatic;
6、 Angle:30~70°adjustable;
7、 Include: multi-function clamp
8、 Tensile action trip: maximum 1000mm(adjustable)