Cold Bend Test Apparatus MLT-1

Product information:
This test conforms to the standard requirements of IEC540. It is used for cold bend test of the circular insulation wire core whose diameter is small and the sector-shaped insulation wire core which cannot be used for dumbbell. The apparatus shall be held in a refrigerator before and during the test.
The diameter of the mandrel shall be between 4 and 5 times the diameter of the test piece (see below).
The mandrel shall be uniformly rotated at a rate of one revolution in about 5 s and the number of turns shall be as specified in the following table.

Technical parameters:
1. Diameter of samples: 2.5~12.5 (mm)

Overall diameter (d) of the test piece (mm) Number of turns
d≤2.5 10
2.5<d≤4.5 6
4.5<d≤6.5 4
6.5<d≤8.5 3
8.5<d 2

2. Diameter of pipe: 3、4、5、6、7、8、9、10、12、14、16(mm)
3. Diameter of test bar: 9.6、12.5、16、20、25、31.5、40、50(mm)