Cold Tensile Test Apparatus MLT-1

Product information:
This test apparatus conforms to the standard requirement of IEC 60811-1-4. It is applicable for the insulating sheath of the high polymer material, electric wire, rubber, and plastic to do the tensile test at the environment of -35°~0°.

Technical parameters:
1、 Maximum degree of drawing:220 mm
2、 Tensile speed:20~30mm/ min
3、 Chuck mode:not self-tight type
4、 Specification of sample:I II dumbbell sheet
5、 The number of test sample once:3
6、 Displacement measurement:±1mm
7、 Displacement measurement:the precision is digital displayed
8、 Total power:480W
9、 Motor power:185W
10、 Power voltage:220V
11、 Dimension:425×245×280mm