Dropping Ball Test Apparatus MLTSBD-2

This testing device confirms to the standards of IEC 60598-1 and IEC 60950-1. It is applicable for the impact performance test of the equipment enclosure. It has the advantages of accurate performance and convenient operation as well as reasonable layout. Adjusted to a certain height, the steel ball, whose weight is required, falls down to hit the testing sample.
Then the tester can judge the quality of the sample according to the damage degree of the testing sample. It can be used in the fastness test of the enclosure with the material of plastic, ceramic, acryl and Glass fiber.

Technical parameters:
1、 Power supply: 220V,2A
2、 The impact steel ball: 50,100,200,500,2000g(It can be customized.)
3、 The controlling way of the dropping ball: it is controlled by the direct current electromagnetism.
4、 The height of the dropping ball: 0-2000mm is adjustable
5、 Size: 500*500*2100mm
6、 weight: 80kg

The dropping way:
The device is controlled by the direct current electromagnetism. Place the steel ball under the magnetic chuck and then the ball will be sucked. When push the button of the “drop”, the ball will be released immediately. Thus the ball will hit the sample. The height of dropping can be adjusted and can be measured by the altitude scale attached.