Electric Iron Drop Tester MLTEID-1

Product information:
To check the mechanical strength of electric irons by repeated drop onto a steel plate according to IEC60335-2-3 clause 21.101.
The electric iron is operated under normal operation at rated power input and, except for cordless irons; the soleplate temperature is maintained under these conditions throughout the test.

Standard Outfit:

1 steel plate, at least 15mm thick, mass at least 15 kg, rigidly supported, 1 lifting device with radial cam for a slow lifting of the specimen for 40 mm, for a sudden release for a free fall and for a rest time on the steel plate of ≈15% of the test duration, 1 gear motor, to drive the lifting device, for 20 drops per minute maximum,1 falling assembly, with tie-bar for fastening the specimen, with 1 pair of distance pieces 40 mm. 1 switchgear, with main switch, fuses and preset counter to switch off the unit after the preset number of strokes.

Technical parameters:
1、 Power supply:AC 220 – 240 V 50 – 60 HZ;
2、 Drive mode: Motor and CAM drive;
2、 Test times:1~9999 display,preset;
3、 Working speed:≤20 turn/min;
4、 Height of fall:40 ㎜;
5、 Supporting steel plate:thickness>15 ㎜,quality>15kg
6、 Size:500*520*980/530*560*1050mm