Flexible Cable Torque Tester MLT-FC1

The device is made and manufactured according to the related standard requirement of temperature rising, such as IEC 60884-1 (Figure 44), VDE 0620 etc. It is applicable to the temperature rising of electronic accessories in working position.

This tester conforms to IEC60884-1 clause 23.2. After testing cord retention. The flexible cable is subjected for 1 min to a torque as specified in the following table:

Torque test values for cord anchorages

Rating of plug or portable socket-outlet  Flexible cable (number of cores × nominal cross-sectional area in mm2)
  2*0.5 2*0.75 3*0.5 3*0.75 (2 or more)*1
Up to and including16A and 250V 0,10Nm 0.15Nm 0.15Nm 0.25Nm 0.25Nm
16A and above 250V -- -- -- -- 0.35Nm
Above 16A -- -- -- -- 0.425Nm

After the test, the flexible cable shall not have been displaced by more than 2 mm. For rewirable accessories, the end of the conductors shall not have moved noticeably in the terminals; for non-rewirable accessories, there shall be no break in the electrical connections. For measurements of the longitudinal displacement, a mark is made on the flexible cable at a distance of approximately 20 mm from the end of the specimen or the flexible cable guard, before it is subjected to the pull.
For non-rewirable accessories, if there is no definitive end to the specimen or the flexible cable guard, an additional mark is made on the body of the specimen.
The displacement of the mark on the flexible cable in relation to the specimen or flexible cable guard is measured while the flexible cable is subjected to the pull.
Weight: 2N/3N/5N/7N/8.5N*1
Conforms to standard: IEC 60884-1 clause 23.2 (table 18), VDE 0620 clause 23.2 (table18)


Flexible Cable Torque Tester MLT-FC1