Food Waste Probe 31 MLT-I9014


Product information:

Food waste probe 31 confirms to IEC61032 figure 14 standard. It is used for checking food waste disposal units of milling system of hazardous mechanical parts whether is touched or not.

Rod: Ø25mm, 80mm long, interchangeable metal or Delrin probe. It conforms to the IEC61032 Test probe 31.The handle is made of nylon,tip is made of stainless steel.

Customizable: Euipped with threaded hole of M6 at the end of the handle(coordinate with pull and push dynamometer)


Main specification and corresponding technical parameters:

Parameters /Model Food waste probe 31 MLT-I9014
1 Ф25±0.2
2 80±0.2
3 Ф60±0.2
4 Ф110±0.2
5 150±0.2

Food Waste Probe 31 MLT-I9014