Full-automatic Power Transformer Comprehensive Test System 10-36


The system can perform all routine test and temperature rise test of Power Transformer according to IEC 60076-1. It can also be added other test according to the customer request.

Routine test

Transformer wire-wound resistor measurement

Transformer voltage ratio mesure and join group test

Transfomrer short circuit impedance and load loss measurement

Transformer no-load current and no-load loass measurement

Transformer separate-source power-frequency voltage withstand test

Transformer insulation resistance test

Transformer induction voltage-withstand test

Type Test:

Temprature Rise test

A. Manual function
The buttons on the front panel are used to control test program. Manually recording test data and saving them in the data base.
Test project can be selected by buttons. At one time, only one test can be carried out.
All the test function and test process can be selected and controlled by the button on the front panel of testbed.
B. Automatic function
The test process can be done by PC software, controlled by mouse and keyboard.Experiment data can be automatically recorded and saved into the database.In automatic operation, the buttons on the front panel can be invalid.Test project can be selected by the dialogue box buttons. One time can only operate one test task.In noload and load test, the envirionment temperature can be recorded automatically. In temperature-rise test, the system supports automatical control function of the constant power and current.
Results like insulation resistance, oil-immersed voltage withstand test can be manually recorded into files to improve test report.
After the test is done, database can be automatically saved as files and also the test report can be printed immediately.
In temperature-rise test, the tested data can be accurately computed.Waveform, rated power, and frquency correction of noload test data can be automatically carried out. (50HZ, 60HZ). The temperature correction of load test data can be done automatically. (75℃,100℃,120℃,145℃).

10KV/400V distribution transformer uses the direct loop. The direct loop and indirect loop can be switched over automatically.
High-voltage current and transformer can use secondary switch principles. CT/PT range can be switched automatically. Transformer comprehensive testbed can give measurement monitor and full control of the entire loop. All the test data can be automatically processed by computer and saved and printed as required. Use computer to give full-automatic control of the measuring testbed, and manually operate electricmotion control. The voltage adjustment digits are shown as two supplementary systems. Zero protection, overcurrent and voltage protection.

1. Transformer direct current resistance test devices
Temperature: -10℃~40℃;
Measuring accuracy: 0.2 scale, resolution 1μΩ
Constant current source: 5A (1μΩ~4Ω) 、1A(1μΩ~20Ω)
Working voltage: AC 220-240V; 50-60Hz
PC control measuring instrument used and its measuring value is directly saved into the PC. PC can automatically compute its White difference between each tapping gear and judge whether the test results are conformed to the national standards.

2. Transformer Variable ratio tester
Variable ratio measuring range: 1~10000
Group: measuring at any angle
Accuracy: 0.2 scale.
Power source: AC 220V±10%,50Hz
Environment temperature: -5℃~+40℃
Humidity: <95%;
Volume: 430×320×215mm
Weight: 5kg

3. Transformer characteristics test devices.
Voltage measuring range: 0—700V
Currrent measuring range: 100mA—5A
Accuracy: 0.2 scale
Power U*I, accuracy: 0.2scale
Power factor: 0.050--1.000
Accuracy: 0.3scale
Frequency 40_70Hz,
Accuracy 0.1scale
Three-phase total power P
Noload current I。%
Noload loss P。
Load loss PK
Impedance voltage UK
Three-phase power value: Pa(Pab)、Pb、Pc(Pbc)
Three-phase average line voltage.
Three-phase average current In。
a) High-voltage current transfomer specification
Measring range: 0.25A~200A
Accuracy: 0.01scale
Its variable ratios: 200/5、100/5、50/5、25A/5A、
10/5、5/5 (six gears)

b) High-voltage voltage transformer specification
Measuing range: 2KV
Accuracy: 0.01scale
Variable ratio: 2.0kV/0.2kV

4. Transformer power frequency withstand Voltage Test
Rated power: 100kVA;
Rated high and low voltage output: 100KV/400V
Rated input voltage: 10V~400V
Rated frequency: 50-60 HZ

5. Transformer induction voltage-withstand test
Current measuring range: 100mA-5A
Voltage measuing range: 1V-120V
Measuring accurary: 0.5scale
Frequency test range 40-200Hz
Test accuracy: 0.5scale.
Current input: AC220V±10
Measuring range: 20V~800V
Rated power: 100kVA
Input Voltage: 380V
Output frequency: 200Hz±2%


Computer and data processing software
Unit data gathering system
Strong electrical control and instrumentation monitor system
Man-machine interface

• Transformer comprehensive testbed for data collection of each testing unit and instrument monitor.
• Low voltage control cabinet
• Induction voltage regulator and intermediate generator unit.
• Power freqency voltage and induction voltage withstand control console.
• Voltage withstand transformer, voltage divider, insulation oil tester and other external devices, instrument and parts.









Full-automatic Power Transformer Comprehensive Test System 10-36