Hanging Lamps Torsion Testing Machine MLTHLT-1

Product information:
The test equipment is designed and manufactured according to 4.14.1 of IEC 60598-1. It is used to check whether the rigidity suspension of the hanging lamps has sufficient safety factor.
Technical parameters:
1. PLC touch screen control
2. Test Torque: 2.5Nm
3. Test time: 1min
4. urging direction: can be clockwise and counterclockwise directions
5. Test judgment: The reverse of the lamp in both directions with respect to the fixed part can not exceed a turn.


1. Using aluminum profiles for the body frame, the appearance is generosity, the structure is simple.
2. Using a stepper motor to drive torque, applied by feedback signals of the torque sensor to control the torque value.
3. Manually adjust the height of the crossbar (the lamp’s height and center position) , can be adapted to different types of rigidity hanging lamps.
4. Lamps torsion angle digital display.
5. If the measured force to reverse fixture exceeds a predetermined range, the unit will automatically alarm and stop the test.
6. The main technical indicators: Torque: 0.5Nm-3Nm. Angle Display: 0-360 degrees.
Time setting: 1min.