Hipot Tester 950s

Hipot Tester 950series hipot tester 
- Unqualified audible  - High voltage  - Leakage current and testing time continuous  - High pressure lamp and visual alarm       breakdown protection  setting - English interface  - maintained  - Set current upper and           -  0.2 Seconds fast discharge function breakdown voltage  lower limits - At the same time, voltage and current ,time shows - AC Min. Resolution 1μ A,DC Min. Resolution 1μ A - standard equipped PLC Interface,optional ,RS232\USB\485 Interface 
Product Name Main Technology Parameters Image
MT95050 hipot tester  ·output voltage : (0.10~5.00)kV(AC)  ·leakage current range:(0.100-100)mA         ·accuracy:±(2%+2 counts) 
MT95051 hipot tester  ·output voltage: (0.10-5.00)kV(AC) / (0.100-5.00)kV(DC)        ·leakage current range:0.100—100.00mA(AC) 0.100—20.00mA(DC)  ·accuracy:±(2%+2 counts) 
MT95052 hipot tester  ·output voltage : (0.10-5.00)kV(AC) · leakage current range:(0.100-20.00)mA      ·accuracy:±(2%+2 counts) 
MT95053 hipot tester  ·output voltage: (0.10-5.00)kV(AC) /(0.100-5.00)kV(DC)       ·leakage current range:0.100—20.00mA(AC)/ 0.100—10.00mA(DC)   ·accuracy:±(2%+2 counts) 
MT95101 hipot tester  ·output voltage: (0.10-10.00)kV(AC) /(0.100-10.00)kV(DC)        ·leakage current range:0.100—20.00mA(AC)/ 0.100—10.00mA(DC)   · accuracy:±(2%+2 counts)