Hipot Tester 988 Series

Hipot Tester 988 series character screen  programmable hipot tester 
-Automatic  rise  -Arc detection  -Unqualified audible and   -High pressure lamp -High voltage voltage  visual alarm  breakdown protection -Voltage security  -Record start reset  -current upper and lower  -Optional equipped with remote control test instructions column times limits setting -English interface  -5 remembere   -0.2 Seconds fast discharge function 5 test step -At the same time, voltage and current, time  -Standard equipped PLC Interface shows -Multi-step test, automatically cycle test, or single step manual measurement  -Leakage current and testing time continuous setting -AC Min .Resolution 1μ A,,DC Min .Resolution 1μ A  -Optional equipped with USB Storage read function 
Product Name Main Technology Parameters Image
MT98811A  ·output voltage:(0.20-5.00)kV(AC)  
·leakage current range:(0—12.00)mA(AC)      
MT98811B  ·output voltage:   (0.20-5.00)kV(AC) / (0.20-6.00)kV(DC)     
·leakage current range:(0—12.00)mA(AC)/ (0—5.00)mA(DC)    
·accuracy:±(3%+3 counts) 
MT98812A  ·output voltage:(0.20-5.00)kV(AC)      
·leakage current range:(0—20.00)mA(AC)      
·accuracy:±(3%+3 counts) 
MT98812B  ·output voltage:   (0.20-5.00)kV(AC) / (0.20-6.00)kV(DC)     
·leakage current range:(0—20.00)mA(AC)/ (0—10.00)mA(DC)   
·accuracy:±(3%+3 counts)