Immersion Box MLT IB-1

Product information
The immersion box is designed and manufactured in accordance with the standard requirement of IEC60529 clause IPX7 and IPX8. It is used for waterproof test of the electric appliance. This immersion box can be customized.

Technical parameters:

No. Item IPX5
1 Water supply clean water without inclusion
2 Size of the box Ф120mm*1350mm,customizable
3 Dimension Ф120mm*1500mm
4 Testing time 30min,the button is controlled by manual.
5 The placement and re move of the sample It is controlled by the rope which is driven by the motor
6 The height of the water The sample whose height is less than 850mm:the water height is more than 1m; The sample whose height is over 850 mm: the water height is 150mm+the sample height
7 Site requirements Dedicated IP waterproof test room with good function of inflow and drain age. Ground installation