Impulse Insulation resistance/withstanding voltage tester

    Impulse Insulation resistance/withstanding voltage tester 
Product Name Main Technology Parameters Image
MT99918N  ·pulse peak voltage:500V~3000V   ·sample frequency:40MHz   ·Gating set resolution :±0.1%        ·Pulse peak value setting              · Accuracy :±5% ·pulse repetition period:0.2s         ·pulse rise time:1.2μ s ·waveform area difference value repeated accuracy:<±1%      ·waveform difference value area repeated accuracy:<±1%         ·Frequency compare  repeat precision: <±1%      ·Storage standard waveform biggest can reach 160 sets ·three channels   
MT99918NA  ·pulse peak voltage:500V~5000V ·three channels  ·rest parameters with MT99918N 
MT99918NB  ·pulse peak voltage:500V~3000V ·single channel  ·rest parameters with MT99918N 
MT99918NC  ·pulse peak voltage:500V~5000V ·single channel   ·rest parameters with MT99918N