Lamps tilt test bench MLT IPD-6

Product information:
This device complies with IEC 60598 and other standards, the device consists of a work surface and angle adjustment device, is suitable for all types of portable lamps and similar electrical appliances products for mechanical stability test, the test sample is placed on countertops, to assess its mechanical stability through different tilt angles.

Technical specification and parameter configuration

Working condition:
Environment:0℃~+40℃;Working power supply :220V±10% 50-60 Hz
Technical index:
1、 Tilt angle :0-30 ° stepless adjustable, electric control, encoders intelligent digital display; equipped with angle measuring instrument calibration, easy to operate, high accuracy angle, precision ± 0.5 °;
2、 The maximum weight load:50kg, (load can be improved as per customer requirements)steel plate surface is treated by painting;
3、 Motor speed: 0.50r/min (frequency control for optional), there are reliable earthing contact and power plug connector on the test bench of accessible metal surface;
4、 Table diameter: 800mm;
5、 The test bench with stable whole structure, and beautiful appearance.