Microcomputer Tensile Testing Machine MLT-1

This device is applicable for the electric wire, metal, nonmetal, rubber and building materials to do the test of stretch, extension, stripping, displacement and tearing. It conforms the standard requirements such as IEC 60811-1-4 、IEC 60245 and IEC 60227. This apparatus has many advantages like low noise, multifunction, easy operation, and compact structure. It is equipped with large screen LCD digital display and microcomputer control system.

Technical parameters:

1. Capacity:100/200/500kg
2. Unit switchover : kgf,N,Lbf
3. Load Resolution:1/10000
4. Load Accuracy : the value displayed±1%
5. Accuracy class : 0.5 class/ 1class
6. The force value can be set according to the users’ requirement, such as 100KG, 130KG, and 180KG and so on.
7. Testing distance: 1000mm (the clamp is not included)
8. Range of speed: 25~500mm/min
9. Display content: test value/ maximum value/ elongation, LCD liquid crystal display.
10. Experimental data: the experimental data can be input such as sample length, sample area, testing speed, serial number and test item and so on.
11. Calculated stress, elongation: The stress (also called pressure) and the elongation can be calculated automatically according to the preset information of the samples.
12. Tension value calibration: the calibration way of simple software. The value can be calibrated by the operator.
13. Power-on password: It can be changed by the operator.
14. Auto-stop function: the top and bottom limitation of the distance, the fracture or breakoff samples, overloaded.
15. Jig disposition: It can be chosen according to the actual need.
16. Power supply: AC: 220V±10%, 50HZ 5A (it can be customized according to the requirement)
17.Weight: about 110kg