Microwave Oven Door Endurance Tester MLTMDE-3

Product information:
The microwave oven door endurance tester is designed and manufactured according to IEC60335-2-25. It is a dedicated tester which is used to inspect the wear resistance of the microwave door system, including the structure of the hinge, microwave seals and other related components that during the process of using. The device uses advanced PLC control system and humanized touch screen operator interface, It is widely applicable to test vertical and horizontal door opening microwave oven.
The test equipment is easy to operate, durable and practical. It is equipped with full stainless steel manipulator, vacuum sucker structure and standard configuration TFT true color liquid crystal touch screen. The rotation angle and the speed of door opening/closing are adjustable. Thereby it can truly simulate the person’s hand to open and close the microwave oven door and other similar equipment. Thus achieve the intelligentized control method.
Power outlet has the function of detection which can judge whether the specimen is working with conducting. When doing the load test, if the specimen is not conducting during testing, the equipment will automatically stop working. At that time, the counter will record the test times and the alarm sounds. This function can be opened or closed according to the actual need.

Technical parameters:

Control mode PLC control
Display mode True color liquid crystal display(standard configuration of 7 inch display control touch screen)
Holder construction Top grade aluminium alloy sections
Driver Stepper motor
Test station Single (vertical and horizontal opening are switchable)
Working power supply AC 220 – 240 V 50 – 60 HZ
Working power supply Touch screen settings,0-99999s adjustable, it will automatic stop when reach the number of times
Output power 2000W
Open/close time Touch screen settings ,0-9999S adjustable
Open/close speed Touch screen settings, adjustable
Opening door angle Touch screen settings ,0-180° adjustable
Station One working station ( left opening door or swing-up door )
Opening door lock Eccentric gear machine structure automatically open or lock the door
Size 1000*1000*800mm
Load Equipped with power socket of 10A,for the specimen work under 2000W
Conformity Standard IEC60335-2-25 clause 18