Mini Household Appliances Power Cord Bending Test Machine MLTPCF

Products Information
The small household appliances power cord bending test machine is deigned and manufactured according to IEC600335-1 and IEC 60335-2-14, it is used to test the power cords’ bending capacity of the non-reclosing plugs and household appliances and similar electrical appliances (electric tools).
The test device can be preset the test times (maximum 999999 times), the testing can be stop automatically, and the test times can be counted automatically, when the numbers of test times reach to the preset value, the equipment will automatically shut down and the sound signal which indicates the end of the test occurs. Can process load on and off testing when it is connected to the load box.

Technical parameters

Work station 4 stations
Bending angle Left and right each 45 °, unilateral 180 °,adjustable
Bending rate 0~60rpm
Load weight 20N*6 and 113g*6, 284g*4(customized)
Count 4 counters corresponding to each independent station
Mechanical principles Motor drives the slider-crank motion on the slowdown box
Disconnection instructions LED display with sound alarm
Dimensions L870mmXW610mmXH820
Power Specifications 220V, 60Hz or 110V, 50Hz