MLT-300kV/30kJ Lightning Impulse Voltage Automatic Testing Equip

This equipment consist of the main body and the truncation breaking wave installment, the voltage divider, the accent wave resistance (inductance) and the completely automatic control and the measurement system.

Impulse Generator Basic technique parameter

Lightning nominal voltage: MLT--±300kV
Nominal capacity: 30kJ
Level electric capacity: 2uF, 100kV (HRMWF-2×50kV-4.0μF)
Level voltage: ±100kV (DC) (2x50kV)
Progression / level energy: 3 / 10kJ
Output wave shapes: ±1.2/50μs standard lightning impulse voltage full wave
Wave time: 1.2±30% μs
Wave rear time: 50±20% μs
Over swing: < 5%
The efficiency: > 90 %
Synchronization harms the pace: < 1%
Dimension: 2200×1500×1700 (H: Overall height) mm
Weight: 400kg.

Main Structure of Equipment

Rectification charging source (and impact main body integration)
Model Number: MLT-LGR-100/50
Rated voltage : Un = 100kV DC
Nominal current: In = 50mA (Under rated voltage)
Voltage control: 0~100% Un
Polarity inversion: the manual transformation high voltage direction
Input voltage: 220V Single-phase voltage
Supply frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power source consumption: approximately 5kVA
Dimension: 1000×600×1100 (H: height) mm
Damping Voltage divider
Model Number:MLT-CR-300/500
Rated voltage: 300kV
Fixed electric capacity:500pF
Electric capacity pitch number: 1
Each electric capacity: 500pF(HRMWF300-500 Pulse capacitor)
Square-wave response:
Partial response time: < 100 ns
Over swing is < 10 %(Satisfies the IEC 60060-1 & IEC 60060-2 standard )

impulse-wave type Partial response time Tα ≤   ns Over swingβ≤  % Settling time Ts≤ Scale division factor uncertainty Kε≤   %
Lightning impulse 70 5 T1 1

Differential voltage ratio: 1000
Differential voltage uncertainty: < 1%
Dimension: R1000×1200 (H: Overall height) mm

Measurement equipment
Model Number: MLT-DIMS1000B digital impulse measurement system
Peak-to-peak value: MLT (IPM) 23 impulse peak voltmeter
Input range: 100V ~ 1600V
Uncertainty: < 1 %
Scope: TDS1012B digital oscilloscope
Highest sampling rate 1.0GS/s,
the band width is bigger than 100MHz, the resolution 8 bit
Record length 2.5kbyte, 2 channels
Waveform analysis: 19 inch computerized control system
Impulse measurement special-purpose software package:
• Impact waveform parameter computation and demonstration
• Profile comparison function
• Profile enlargement, reduction and translation
• Profile memory and transfer
• Profile reports the compilation

Equipment List

no Product range Model Number Unit Quantity
1 Lightning impulse voltage generator (including direct-current charging power source) MLT-SGSC-300/30 set 1
2 discharge grounding rods MLT-R set 1
3 Damping voltage divider MLT-CR-300/500 set 1
4 Impulse generator control system MLTCS-2000A set 1
5 Impulse generator measurement system MLT-DIMS1000B set 1
6 Impulse peak-reading voltmeter MLT-23 set 1

MLTGCS-2000A Control Panel and MLT-DIMS1000B Measuring System

MLT-300kV/30kJ Lightning Impulse Voltage Automatic Testing Equip

MLT-SGSC-300/30 Lightning Impulse Voltage Generator
MLT-SGSC-300/30 Yıldırım Darbe Gerilim Jeneratörü

MLT-DIMS1000B Profile survey record analysis software operation Picture



MLT-300kV/30kJ Lightning Impulse Voltage Automatic Testing Equip