MT-901087 Mattress the hardness tester

» Use a spherical protruding at the bottom of the circular rigid plate loading, record force curve and displacement to analysis, then assess the mattress hardness values and hardness levels.
»The machine produced by aluminum, beautiful appearance. Special high-precision intelligent ARAM controller. It can run under Windows system with a dedicated test software, clarity interface, easy operate.


Main technical parameters
1. Load block
Diameter 355 mm, Spherical radius of curvature 800mm
Front edge radius of curvature 20mm
2. Speed: 20- 300mm/ min
3. St roke: 500mm
4. Capacity: 200kg
Load plate position adjustment:300m
5. Max mattress size ( L X w X H ) :2200 X 2200 X 4 0mm
6. Configuration: One compute r and operate software