MT-90B615-S Furniture Materials Universal Tester

Product description
» The machine is designed to test foam durability test, it can meet following tests;
1. Durability Test:
Can repeated according to the pre-set strength, also the frequency can be set, and the machine will stop automatically when times up.
2. Relationship between compression and pressure range:
Under pressure by pre-set schedule, in place to stop. Read the force of the stroke on computer, and display shows the stroke value.
3. The machine can also use to test panel furniture:
Three- bend test, internal bond strength, screw force.

Main technical parameters
1. Induction: Load cell
2. Capacity: 50. 100. 200. 500kg. 1T. 2T. 5T
3. Unit: g, kg, N, LB
4. Resolution: 1/100,000 ( Capacity,; 1T: 1/250,000 )
5. Accuracy: ± 0.5% (Capacity,; 1T : ± 0.25% )
6. Max stroke: 1OOOmm (can tailored)
7. Test speed: 0.1- 300mm/min (computer control)
8. Power: 1J, AC220V 50HZ
9. Weight: about 150kg