MT-90F404 Chair seating and back tester

Product description
» This testing machine testing Chair and Stool Structure strength durability features.

Main technical parameters

1. To drive force can be adjusted to accommodate different height of the chair (500-1200 mm); the test times: 0- 999,999 times can be set arbitrarily.
2. The test speed adjustable: 0- 40 times I min
3. The drive force is adjustable.
4. The seat load force: 5- 200kg.
5. Back loading force: 5- 1OOkg.
6. Compressed air requirement: 6 kg/cm2,
7. Dwell time and cycle time can be set: 0- 99S
8. The control mode: PLC programmable controller
9. Power: 220 volts AC, single phase, power= 200w