MT-90F731 Chair Swivel Tester

Product description
» It apply on all kind of office chair which with swivel platform, Used to evaluate the office chair to withstand repeated pressure and wear ability in rotation. It provide two mode of testing.
» Can set the clockwise and counter-clockwise angle ( 45 ° to 355° ) 360° rotation single direction.

Main technical parameters

1. This equipment can be Bifma 5.1 standard, single direction or bidirectionally rotating test or EN1335 Standard CW and CCW directions rotation test.
2. It also can set the rotation angle, the test the direction and residence time.
3. The machine rotary table diameter 800 mm, maximum seat size width 1000 mm
4. Rotational speed of 5 to 20 cycles I minute, can be set
5. Control mode: programmable logic controller (PLC), with LCD display.
6. Times setting: 0- 999,999
7. Accessories: lift 113KG Weight by motor
8. Power: Single-phase, AC 220V, Power: 1KW