MT-90F733-l Chair Vertical Force Tester

Product description
»The machine used for the vertical pressure testing , destructive testing and fatigue testing use of the office chair Ipomoea base (Star Base) repeated pressure loading in setting force test cycle, as the fatigue test . Pressure on the size of the holding pressure t time and cycle number of tests can be adjusted.

Computer operation

ASTM D903, F2258, GB/T 2790/2791/2792, CNS-11888, JIS K6854, GB/T 6329, BS EN 14410 -2003, YY/T0729, GOST21751, BIFMA X5. 1-2011 7, OB.T2280-2007.

Main technical parameters

1. This machine maximum pressure: 20KN
2. Servo motor, double ball screw to contribute to ensure the verticality of the indenter.
3. The biggest test specimen width: 1OOOmm
4. Dwell time, the machine, and the light of the sample changes and automatically adjust and compensate for the pressure difference, stable pressure test packing process given.
5. The peak value of the machine with force, you can record the maximum damage value
6. Control mode: PLC and LCD display
7. Counter: 0 to 999,999 times, also choose a single cycle, in line with the requirements of the test standard.
8. The machine with iron mesh and shatterproof film protective cover to prevent debris pop-up specimen during testing.