MT-90F734 Chair Back Tester

Main technical parameters
1. Force actuator height is adjustable to suit different kinds of chair (500-1200mm)
2. 6 digits cycle counter for test cycle setting
3. Force of the actuator is adjustable (Maximum force is 120 Kg)
4. A 200 Kg force load cell to check the force applied on to the tilting back rest and the PID
function of the controller can automatically fine tune the pressure.
5. The force application angle is adjustable to suit the tilt mechanism angle of the chair. (30 to 90 degree)
6. Test speed adjustable from 10- 20 cycles per minute.
7. Compressed air requirement: 6 bar
8. Power: 220 volts AC , power consumption 200W
9. Design criteria: BIFMA.X 5.1-2011, section 5, 6, 15, 16 and 10.