MT-90F735 Chair arm and leg tester

Product description
» Bifma x 5.1 Clause 8, Drop Test-Dynamic
Clause 11.3 Impact test

Main technical parameters
1. This machine can be used to drop impact test and load-ease
2. Drop height is adjustable ( 1Omm to 180mm)
3. Weight sensor accomplishes which can detect the drop bag just left the chair surface of position. According to this position as a starting point and then further on lift up height to enhance, released and allowed to free fall in a chair made of the impact test.
4. When using the load ease mode, weighted bag will be lift up and down without excess impact.
5. Test Speed: 0-20 times/min.
6. Largest chair Dimensions width: 1OOOmm.
7. Accessories: 57kg, 102kg, 136 kg weight bag each.