MT-90F742 Universal Furniture Testing Machine

Standard Contend Accessories
5 Backrest  Strength  Test static-Type I Chair Measuring Device x1
6 Backrest  Strength  Test static-Type II&III
11,4 Front    corner    Load Ease Test- Cyclic Diameter 203 mm loading device x 1
10 Tilt mechanism Test 102
12,3&12.03.2002 Rear   Stability   Test   for  type I.II, & Ill chair 1 ) Stability Disks x 13 2) 1.5 x 356 x 711 mm polypropylene  support fixture x1 
12,4 Front stability 12d Front stability loading fixture x112e front stability loading disk x112g front stability loading fixture x1135 lb1Pull-push gauge with attachment x1
13 Arm strength test-vertical-static  
14 Arm strength test Horizontal-static  
15&16 Backrest durability test-cyclic for type I,II&III Loading device  ( back pull )  x1 Form fitting device  305mm+/- 13mm x 89mm +/-13mm   & thickness 12mm x 4 
22 Out stop Test 74 - 25
23 Tablet Arm Chair Static Load Test  
24 Tablet   arm  chair   load ease test- Cyclic  

Main technical parameters
» The machine consists form several parts
1. Chair seat load force: 5-200kg.
2. Chair back loading force: 5-1OOkg.
3. 2 set of cylinder is adjustable (Inclined and vertical installation). 2set of cylinder can apply to chair base test, which can adjust from 20mm to 250mm height, Max push power is 60kg.
4. Armrest height adjustment range: 550mm - 950mm.
5. Adjustable thrust, holding pressure time.
6. Horizontal handrails test.
7. Max test sample wide: 1OOOmm.
8. Testing speed: 10-30cycle/min.
9. Screw holes on the test plate can fix the chair easily.
10. Each set of cylinder can use a different kind of test plat.
11. PLC control and Graphic user interface.
12. In addition, this machine is also equipped with pneumatic brakes five groups, namely, a group of vertical apparatus, the level of the device 4 groups independently adjusted speed and thrust. Stroke is 500mm.
13. Vertical device can be used for front and rear brakes, adjust the upper and lower positions, such as clean from 100 mm to 900 mm.
14. Four sets of cylinder can be adjusted up and down and move around the pieces of position flexibility to cater for different needs test position.
15. Max power: 150kg.
16. Peak force (horizontal): 50kg.
17. Peak force (vertical) 150kg.
18. Table Impact pad: Weight 25kg.
19. Backrest and armrests impact: Angle adjustable.
Computer record the force history and displacement level (Optional).