MT-90F745 Desk, bed frame comprehensive tester

Main technical parameters
1. Equipped with pneumatic brakes five groups, namely, a group of vertical apparatus, the level of the device 4 groups independently adjusted speed and thrust. Stroke is 500mm
2. The vertical device can be used for front and rear brakes, adjust the upper and lower positions, such as clean from 100 mm to 900mm.
3. Three, four sets of brake level device, the position can be adjusted up and down and move around the pieces of the flexibility to cater for different needs test position.
4. A plurality of row s tester plate screw holes drilled for easy installation of different attachments and fixed test conditions.
5. Each equipped with pneumatic brakes front quick connector for easy replacement of different loading blocks and clamps.
6. The role of PLC controller and color touch screen control interface is simple and reasonable, graphical representation, more convenient to use any operator.
7. The maximum tens ion value: 200kg
8. The maximum thrust value (level): 60kg
9. The maximum pressure value (vertical) 130kg
10. The test space dimensions: 3500mm x 2500 mm x 1800mm
11. Voltage: 220 - 240 V
Power: 1500W
12. Air pressure: 6kg/ cm2