MT-90F750 Foam Compression Hardness Tester

»The machine is used to test material compressed indentation hardness, such as sponge, foam and other porous elastic. Principle: Put specimen under pressure plate, the plate compress the specimen with a specify speed until the national standard require concavity, the load cell feedback the pressure to computer, it processing and display, then measure the indentation hardness of sponge, foam and other materials.

Main technical parameters

1. Control: computer control and display
2. Induction way : Precision load
3. Capacity:200kg
4. Unit: Kg, N, LB
5. Up plate: diameter 200mm, bottom fillet R1mm; Low plate : 420 x 420mm, holes diameter 6mm, space 20mm
6. Max stroke:200mm
7. Test speed: 100 ± 20mm/min
8. Motor: servo motor
9. Transmission: Precision screw;
10. Configuration: One computer and operate software