MT-90F753 Foam and Spring Durability Tester

Product description
» It used to assess the durability test for snake spring, spring framework, and package. And it complies with the following requirements;
1. Durability Test
T he durability test can repeated according to the pre-set strength, also the frequency can be set, and the machine will stop automatically when times up.
2. Relationship between compression and pressure range
Under pressure by pre-set schedule, in place to stop. Read the spring force of the stroke on the pressure gauge, the display shows the stroke value.
3. Spring pressure testing under the specific amount of compression
The machine will stop when the platen press to the set pressure, the length of the compression stroke of the pressure will display on the screen.

Main technical parameters

1. Maximum pressure: 1OOkg, maximum stroke: 150mm
2. Pressure sensor accuracy: 0.3% FS
3. Stroke accuracy: ± 0. 2mm
4. Display: LCD digital, 0-999,999 times.
5. Machine size: (LX w X H) about 1100 X 1100 X 1200mm
6. Weight: about 120kg