MT-90F763 Mattress Rollator Tester

Product description

»Test purpose: Using a horizontal hexagonal wooden drum roll or cylinder (both ends of the diameter of 250 mm , the middle part of the 300 mm, rolling back and forth on the mattress , simulate human mot ion to assess the durability of the mattress.)

Main technical parameters

1. Hexagonal wood barrel: 240±10Lb(109±4.5kg), Length 36±3in(915±75mm) , Diameter of roller (flat to flat) 17 ± 1in(430 ± 25mm)
2. Cylinder wood barrel: 140kg , length 1OOOmm, Diameter 300mm
3. According to different mattress to adjust the rolling stroke(adjust the limit switch position)
4. Low coefficient of friction guide, ensure full drum weight on the mattress.
5. Maximum size of mattress: 2.2m x 2.2m.
6. The PLC controller provides easy control and setting.
7. Test speed: 0 -20r/min.
8. Test stroke: AS T M 1566: No less than 70% of the width of mattress, or 38 in (965mm), whichever is smaller. EN 1957 250mm on either side of the long latitudinal center line.
9. Accessories: One Hexagonal and Cylinder wood barrel (optional)
10. Power: 3 I,AC380V,5kW
11. Test standard: AST M F1566, EN1957 , GB/T 26706-2011, OBT 1952.2-20 11