MT-B609B-S computer Servo Control Tensile Tester

These series of tensile strength tester are widely used to test tension,tear strength, peeling force , compression,shearing force, adhesion , three-point bending •••etc . in the field of metal ,rubberplastic,nylon , leather,shoemaking,fabric, insulator,electric appliance,automobile etc.

Design Criteria:

ASTM D903, GBIT16491, G8IT1040,G8IT8808 , G8IT13022, GBIT2790I2791I2792, CNS-11888, JISK6854, PSTC-7,GB/T16825,G8/T17200,G8/T3923.1 ,G8/T3923.2 ,G 8/T528,G8/T7124,GB/T528,G/T2611,G8/T6344,1S037,HG/T2538


• Capacity: 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 100, 200kg
• Units switch: g,kg,n,lb
• Control mode: all-meter of computer type manipulation
• Load resolution: 1/250,000
• Load precision: ≤0.5%
• Maximum trip: 1OOOmm (/including fixture)
• Test speed:0.1-500mm/min
• Display: lcd display screen and can connect pc computer operation (which can display and print the number of trials, test the value, the maximum value, fracture values,etc. )
• outside dimension ( lxwxh)(mm): 51Ox1240x570
• weight: 80kg
• Power:1 f, 220v,3a or designated
• Accessories: One set of tension fixture

MT-B609B-S computer Servo Control Tensile Tester