MT-R809 Melting Point Tester

This tester is used to test melting point by change of light transmittance in the process of sample melting.

Design standard:

GB/T11998, IEC 60950: 1999, UL 94,IEC707, IEC695-2-2, ISO1210: 1992
GB/T11998, IEC 60950:1999, UL 94 IEC 707, IEC 695-2-2, ISO1210:1992.


• Test range: 250°C
• Heat time: ≤10min (250°C)
• Temperature resolution: 0.1°C
• Heat rate:0.5°C/min 1°C/min 1.5°C/min 3.0°C/min
• Envircnmental temperature: (15-35)°C
• Heat power: 150W


MT-R809 Melting Point Tester