MTKC-2000 On Tap changer Analyzer

On load tap changer analyzer MTKC-2000 is mainly applied to test transient time, transition waveform, transition resistance, synchronization status of three phases.

Test feature
1) Test transformers of type Y0 Y and display resistance value directly
2) Automatically analyze waveform fault and mark the fault.
3) Automatically adjust resistance value and time range according to sampling data
4) Transformer type is able to display to synchronization status of three phases
5) Be able to test with winding or without winding
6) Four terminal connection mode and provide high accuracy of resistance measurement
7) Continuous test to save time of power off
8) Make word report
9)800×480 colorized LCD with touch screen and high speed printer
10) Store 1000 groups of data and can be saved by USB flash disk

Technical parameters
1) Three phase constant current source charge, charge current: 3A/1A; 0.6A/0.2A
2) Maximum voltage of the port: 24V
3) Maximum range of transition resistance: 100Ω
4) Measuring range: 1A:0.4Ω~20Ω 0.2A:10Ω~100Ω
5) Record time of waveform: 300ms
6) Sample rate: 30k
7) Resolution of time: 0.1ms