MTLB-601 Instantaneous Signal Recorder

General introduction
MTLB-601 is an instantaneous signal recorder applied in industry signal analysis. It takes IPC as the core for data sample and process. Special design makes the reorder has a good performance in anti-jamming and easy operation.

1) All channels are isolation from each other and system core circuit
2) Waveform zoom, translation and curve edit tools are integrated in software
3) Data statistics and position tools are integrated in software
4) Spectrum transformer and harmonic analysis tools are integrated in software
5) Vector analysis tools are integrated in software
6) AC RMS and power calculation tools are integrated in software
7) Correlation analysis of signals are integrated in software
8) Generator and excitation system test template are integrated in software
9) Automatic upgrade interface of the tester make it easy to get latest software package and test template.
10) 12.1 inches LCD for show and the same size touch pad for operation.
11) Automatically makes WORD, EXCEL and JPG file test reports. 12) Upload data from tester to PC by flash disks

Technique index
1) Analog signal sample channels: 12
2) Optional ranges: -450V-450V, -100V-100V, -10V-10V, -20mA-20mA, -100mV-100mV (only 1 channel)
3. Sample error:
-450V-450V error<0.5V
-100V-100V error<0.2V
-10V-10V error<0.01V
-20mA-20mA error<0.02mA
-100mV-100mV error<0.5mV
4) Binary signal input interface: 12
5) Binary signal voltage ranges: DC 12-220V Work condition:
Power supply: AC220V ± 10%
Power Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption: ≤60w
Temperature: -10-50"C Humidity: ≤85%RH
Size: 448mmx260mmx150 mm Weight :< 10kg