MTVA-402V CTPT Tester



Tests for current transformer:
1) Turns Ratio, ratio error and phase error test
2) Polarity test for CT
3) Excitation curve and knee voltage measurement in power frequency for CT
4) Error curve test
5) Coil resistance test for CT and PT
6) Secondary burden test for CT
7) Turns ratio test for PT
8) Polarity test for PT
9) Excitation curve test for PT
10) Coil resistance test for PT

Technical Index:
1) Output Voltage: 0-2000V (RMS)
2) Test Frequency: Power Frequency (50Hz/60Hz)
3) Output Current: 0-5A
4) Maximum Output Power: 2KVA
5) Maximum Knee Voltage Measurement: 2000V
6) Range Of Turn Ratio: 1 -10000, Error 0.5%RDG, 10000-30000, Error 1%RDG
7) Range Of Voltage Measurement:
0- 50V (RMS), Error 0.5%RDG+0.05%FS
0-600V (RMS), Error 0.5%RDG+0.05%FS
0-2000V (RMS), Error 0.5%RDG+0.05%FS
8) Range of Current Measurement:
0-50mA (RMS), Error 0.5%RDG+0.05%FS
0-1A (RMS), Error 0.5%RDG+0.05%FS
0-5A (RMS), Error 0.5%RDG+0.05%FS
9) Test Current of Coil Resistance: 0.11A
10) Test Error of Coil Resistance:
0-5 Ω, Error 0.5%RDG+0.05%FS
0-50Ω, Error 0.5%RDG+0.05%FS
0-100Ω, Error 0.5%RDG+0.05%FS
11) Test Current of Secondary Burden: 0.01A (RMS)
12) Test Error of Secondary Burden: 0~5Ω Error 0.5%RDG+0.05%FS
0~50Ω Error 0.5%RDG+0.05%FS
Power Factor Error: 0.5%RDG+0.05%FS
13) Power Supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz
14) Work Condition: Temperature: 0?~50?; Humidity: 85%
15) Size: 450mmx340mmx300mm, Weight: 43.5kg