MTZC Series Winding Resistance Tester

MTZC Series winding resistance tester are applied to measure the DC resistance of inductance circuit such as power transformer coil, current transformer coil and so on. Also the tester could be applied to measure the cable resistance in 4-wire mode.

1 Winding resistance measurement
2 Discharge the energy automatically when test is ended
3 Print the test results by micro printer

Technical Index
1) Test current
MTZC-3A (single phase test 3A)
MTZC-5A (single phase test 5A)
MTZC-10A (single phase test 10A)
MTZC-20A (single phase test 20A)
MTZC-20S (single phase test 20A three phase test 10A)
MTZC-40A (single hase test 40A)
MTZC-40S (single phase test 40A three phase test 20A)
2) Maximum measurement error: 0.2%RDG+2D
3) LCD display
4) Maximum voltage out for all series: 20V
5) Resolution: 1μΩ (for all series)
6) Measuring range:
1μΩ~4.5kohm (MTZC-2) 1μΩ~20ohm (MTZC-10)
1μΩ~10ohm (MTZC-20) 1μΩ~10ohm (MTZC-40)
7) Rated power supply: AC220V± 10% ; 50Hz/60Hz
8) Temperature: -10?~+40? RH≤85%