Multifunctional Tester for Plug Cords MLT-DX9002A

Product information:

This test device is a multifunctional tester for plug cords or power cables. It is used for a comprehensive test of electrical characteristics including the performance of break over, polarity, insulation resistance; withstand voltage, copper exposed or electric leakage of the shuck and so on. The operation is easy and the testing speed is fast (900~1500 lines can be tested per hour). 

Good products will be printed on the sign of qualified “▲”. When there is a defective product, the device will stop working automatically with the sound-light alarm. Only the defective line is cut down can the device continue working?

This device adopts the SMC pneumatic element which is imported from Japan and the PLC from Panasonic. So the equipment is reliable and stable.

Technical parameters:

1) Input voltage: AC 220V

2) Withstand voltage test:internal voltage: 0~5kV(adjustable)

External voltage: 0~6kV (adjustable)

3) Insulation resistance test: 2、5、10、20、50、100、200MΩ

4) Action current:0.5、1、2、3、5、7、10mA

5) Testing time:0~99.9s(adjustable)

6) External dimension : 850×500×450 mm ( left and right working stations )

7) 620×500×480mm (up and down working stations)