Oscillating Tube Tester for IPX3 and IPX4 MLTSSW-1

Product information:
Oscillating tube tester is designed and manufactured in accordance with the standard requirement of IEC60529 IPX3 and IPX4. It is used for the waterproof test of the electrical equipment.

The oscillating tube part of this device is controlled by adjustable-speed motor and crank-link mechanism. This device is reciprocating swing from the place of ±60°to another one of ±175°with the speed required by the standard through machine adjusting angle.
The angle adjustment is accurate. The structure is stable and durable. It is equipped with rotating stage through which the rotating of 90°can be achieved. It is also e quipped with clean water filtration unit to prevent the pinhole from jamming.

Technical parameters:

Application Applies to conduct IPX3、IPX4 testing
Pendulum tube specifications R600mm、R800mm、R1000mm (Standard configuration)
Pendulum tube material Stainless steel
Dripping aperture ¢0.4mm
Nozzle angle 1200(IPX3)、1800(IPX4)
Swing angle 1200(IPX3)、3600(IPX4)
Rainfall amount 2.3L/Min、2.9L/Min、3.5L/Min、4.3L/Min、5.3L/Min, user-set parameters
Test time 10Min, can be set according to the needs
Structure The head part mounted on the wall, the tail part frame-sea t mounted
Body material Industrial aluminum alloy
Dimensions (LxDxH) 2200X1000X2600MM