Oxygen Bomb (Air Bomb) Aging Tester MLT-1

This aging tester conforms to the standard requirements of IEC 60811-1-2 and IEC 60245. It is applicable for the aging test of the electric wire, the insulation layer and sheath of the rubber (plastic、artificial leather) as well as other high polymer materials under the action of required pressure and temperature in the medium of oxygen and compressed air.

Technical parameters:

1、 Power voltage:220V(AC)±10%
2、 Maximum working pressure:2.5MP
3、 Secure blow -up pressure:2.7~3.3MP
4、 the self-control temperature range:indoor temperature 0~200℃
5、 Cabinet size:560×420×670mm
6、 Cubage:4000mm3
7、 Heater power:2.4KW
8、 Temperature alarm:0~200℃ adjustable
9、 Temperature deviation:±0.5℃
10、 Temperature control:digital display
11、 Temperature control:intelligent control
12、 Material of jar:inside is stainless steel and outside electrostatic spraying steel plate
13、 Dimension of jar:diameter 123 × high 337 mm