Pipe bending tester for washing machine MLTFL-3

Product information:
This tester is according to IEC 60335-2-7 standard of household electric washing machine to design and manufacture, suitable for water inlet and drain-pipe of the washing machines for bending life test, it can also suitable for bending test of the power cord.

This instrument uses PLC control, 7-inch color touch screen operation to setup parameters, and by a stepping motor and synchronous belt drive to achieve manipulator reciprocal pendulum movements, thus to test the bending performance of the water inlet and drain-pipe of the washing machines. The number of test times, angle and speed can be preset, it will automatically shut down when arrive to the preset times.
This device consists of:
1. PLC control system + touch screen operation system
2. Stepping motor and synchronous belt drive system
3. Fixtures

Technical specifications and parameters:

Control way PLC control, 7 inch touch screen
Display mode Touch screen display
Rack construction High-grade aluminum, coating steel, stainless steel, etc.
Power supply AC 220 – 240 V; 50 – 60 HZ
Specimen clamping mechanism  A convenient and accurate specimen card installed, eccentricity 60mm, clamping test range 0-60mm, both suitable for water inlet and drain-pipe bending test and bending test of the power cord
Working speed 50±10 per minute,speed is adjustable
Counter test and nodal points 0-999999 can be preset;
First the sample bend 0-90 ° from vertical position to the left side. Count after it come back to the vertical position, and then bend 0-90°from the right side, count again when come back to vertical position, it will not make any stop during the middle vertical position
 Bending angle 0-180°adjustable, right and left each is 0-90°, adjustable
Station  Single station
Operating environment Normal temperature
Conformity standards  IEC 60335-2-7