Power Cord Cable High Temperature Pressure Test device MLT-904

The test equipment is designed and manufactured according to standard VDE0472, IEC 60811 and etc. The high temperature pressure test project applies to PVC insulated and sheathed wire and cable products, it is used to test the heat-resistance, Pressure-resistance and deformation-resistance capacity. The test insulated cores can be circular, fan-shaped, and parallel cords.
For the sample thickness (insulation or jacket) is less than 0.4MM, do not recommend this test method. To complete high temperature pressure test project, three test equipment are required to work together, they are: Natural ventilation aging (electric oven) chamber, high temperature pressure test equipment, measuring projector or reading microscope.

Main technical parameters

1. Blade width: 0.70 ± 0.01mm
2. Specimen support plane : 0 °, 90 °, 120 ° of each one, can be replaceable
3. Bracket: Made of smooth stainless steel
4. Load weight is consist of a rectangular knife , weights and weight tray, the rectangular knife is 34g , the eight tray is 36g, with 2 sets of standard 1 ~ 1kg standard class M1 Weights