Power Cord Strain and Twist Tester MLTPST-1

Product information:
The test appliance conforms to IEC 60335-1 (Cl.25.15). It is used to test the power cord tension and torque at the terminal two trials of the appliances which are with a power cord, and intended flexible cord permanently connected to the fixed wiring and other household electrical appliances, medical equipment, checking whether the clamping device is secure.
Appliances provided with a supply cord, and appliances intended to be permanently connected to fixed wiring by a flexible cord, shall have a cord anchorage. The cord anchorage shall relieve conductors from strain, including twisting, at the terminals and protect the insulation of the conductors from abrasion.

A mark is made on the cord while it is subjected to the pull force shown in follow table, at a distance of approximately 20 mm from the cord anchorage or other suitable point.
The cord is then pulled, without jerking, for 1 s in the most unfavourable direction with the force specified. The test is carried out 25 times.
The cord, unless on an automatic cord reel, is then subjected to a torque that is applied as close as possible to the appliance. The torque is specified in following table and is applied for 1 min.
During the tests, the cord shall not be damaged and shall show no appreciable strain at the terminals. The pull force is reapplied and the cord shall not be longitudinally displaced by more than 2 mm.

Technical parameters:
1、 Power Supply: AC 220 – 240 V 50 – 60 HZ;
2、 Pull weight:20N*2、30N*2( the pulling force of 30N、60N、80N、100N can be achieved);
3、 Torque weight:2N*1,5N*1,7N*1(0.1Nm,0.25Nm,0.35Nm);
4、 Tension times: 0~9999(selectable),25 times is by default
5、 Tension frequency: 1 times/s;
6、 Torque time:0.01S~99 hours 99 mins 7、Table – Pull force and torque.

Mass of appliance (kg) Pull force(N) Torque(Nm)
≤1 30 0,1
> 1 and ≤4 60 0,25
> 4 100 0,35