Precise Oven / Cabinet Dryer

Precise oven or cabinet dryers are mostly used for drying, baking, sterilization of non - volatile items and heat treatment test for mining enterprises, schools, medical and scientific research. Expecially for simultaneous drying of different kinds of polymersin small quantities for drying materials for trial molding. They can also be applied in electronic engineering, electroplating, and pharmacy, paint baking, printing industries, etc. for preheating or drying related products.


Provide a series of stable and reliable precision oven, KOV precise oven inside the box dimension is divided into eight kinds of standard specifications, can meet various requirements.
Forced air supply circulation system and the special outlet design to ensure perfect humidity and temperature uniformity.
LED digital temperature controller, easy operation and bring you happy customer experience.
Air-exhausting Device is optional
Other ultra high temperature oven series can reach 500 ℃ are available upon customized.


Model KOV-50 KOV-100 KOV-200 KOV-290 KOV-500 KOV-600 KOV-720 KOV-1000 KOV-1800
Interior size(W*H*D)mm 400*350*350 450*500*450 600*600*600 600*950*500 800*1050*600 1000*1000*600 900*1000*800 1000*1000*1000 1600*1400*600
Exterior size(W*H*D)mm 1010*650*760 1110*800*1100 1260*900*1100 870*1590*640 1160*1760*880 1360*1715*880 1300*1750*1000 1400*1750*1200 1600*1940*1200
Capacity(KVA) 3,5 3,5 4,5 4,5 6 6,5 7,5 8,5 9,5
Power AC220V±10% 1Φ 50Hz/60Hz AC 380V±10% 3Φ4wire 50Hz/60Hz
Temp. range 50℃~200℃(300℃)
Temp. constancy ±1.0℃
Temp. uniformity ±2.0℃(50℃~200℃) ±3.0℃(101℃~200℃)
Heat up time 50℃ to 200℃ within 50 min
Interior material Stainless steel plate
Exterior material Painted Stainless steel plate
Insulation material Glass wool
Safety devices No fuse breaker, over temp protection, ceramic fuse 
Accessories Recorder, insolating layer