Programmable Temperature Humidity Chamber MLTPTH-2

Product information:

Product 1. The test system architecture design is advanced and reasonable, the manufacturing process is standardized, and the appearance is beautiful and generous.
Features 2. The main function components are world famous brand ones, the technology principle is Advanced and reliable technology principle, and the noise and energy are all best controlled.
3. Supporting parts and assembly are good matched, the safety and reliability are best, to ensure that the requirements of the user for a long time, high-frequency using.
4. The device has a good operability, maintainability, good temperature stability and durability, good safety performance, do not pollute the environment and endanger human health.
Applications The test device is designed and manufactured according toIEC60068-2. Providing temperature and humidity changeable environment for the aerospace, aviation, petroleum, chemical, military, motor vehicles (motorcycles), shipbuilding, electronics, communications, and other research and production units. In order to process humidity tests for the machine (or parts), electrical appliances, instruments, materials, etc., and to assessment the suitability or make a comment for the sample’s behaviort.

Technical Parameters:

Product Name Programmable Temperature Humidity Chamber
Volume, size and weight
Working Volume 1000L (can be customized)
Inner size W600mm × D800mm × H850mm
Outer size W1100mm × H1250mm × D1700mm
Weight 250KG
Test environmentalconditions Environmental temperature +5~+28℃, relative humidity≤85%, under the condition that no sample inside the test chamber
Test method According to IEC60068-2, IEC60598-1
Temperature range -10℃~+200℃
Temperature fluctuation ≤0.5℃
Temperature deviation ±2℃
Temperature uniformity ≤±2℃
Heating time 3℃/min (Average heating rate)
Cooling time 1℃/min (Average cooling rate)
Humidity range (20~98)%RH (Refer to Figure range of temperature and humidity can be controlled, without active humidity, heat load)
(Damp-heat only)
Temperature and humidity can be controlled range chart
Relative humidity bias (Damp-heat only) ±2.0%RH
Operating noise A sound level ≤50dB(A)(Measured at ambient temperature 25 ℃ , in echo-less interior; use A-weighted to test average of 8 points; each test point level is 1 meter away from the noise source, the height from the ground is 1meter).
Thermal insulation Outer material: high quality stainless steel plate
Enclosure Inner wall material: high quality stainless steel mirror plate (seal can withstand high and low temperature range of -100 degrees - + 300 degrees, life expectancy of 10 years)The cabinet thermal insulation materials: rigid polyurethane foam + fiberglass
Air conditioning Adopt multi-blade centrifugal circulating fan, and aluminum alloy rotation blades (strengthened axis plus, high temperature resistance), to achieve the forced convection.
Channel A FLOW THROW air supply; horizontal diffusion vertical heat exchange curved loop. Adjustable side vents blow and retaining return air. Observation window: Transparent electric membrane hollow glass one (on the door) Pin holes:. Φ50mm 1 (In the left side of Cabinet)Preparation of interior lighting on the door(high longevity CFLs )Mobile Casters: 4Fixed feet Cup: 4 (height adjustable)
Standard configuration Sample frame: two layers of stainless steel sample holder,8 hooks , load (uniform): 25kg / layer( The cumulative total load of the inside sample do not exceed: 100kg)Test gauze: 1 package (5)PC communication software CD, 1 communication cable
Door Single opening hinged door (facing Cabinet, the left hinge, right hand), with observation windows, lighting, window / door anti-condensation of electric devices
Control Panel The controller display, RS232 PC communication interface, power switch and status indicator
Mechanical Room Refrigeration units, water tray, drainage holesCondenser fan, condenser inlet, supply tank
Distribution control cabinet IO board, machine transformers, ballasts, relays, time relays, solid state relays, AC contactors, thermal relays, fuses, air switch
Heater Nickel-chromium alloy heating wire heater
The heater control mode: Non-contact equivalent periodic pulse width modulation, SSR (solid state relay)
Heater power: 12KW
Humidifier (Damp-heat only) External detachable boiler humidification method
Stainless steel sheathed heater
Heater Control: non-contact equivalent periodic pulse width modulation, SSR (solid state relay)
The water level control devices, anti-dry heater, sediment collection devices, liquid level viewing window
humidifier Power: 2.5KW
Waterway (Damp-heat only) The supply tank 50L, including low water level indication, removable cleaning
Efficient electromagnetic extrusion pumps, continuous operation 5000H
RO film + activated carbon water filters, removable cleaning
The high and low double-level electronic level switch, to prevent malfunction
The dry air burning over-temperature protection + ultra-low water level protection + overtime to ensure safe operation of equipment
Backwater PP cotton filter, reduce equipment water consumption, taking into account the return of impurities
Power cord holes and drainage holes Located on the back of cabinet
Cooling System
Operation method A Using two compression
Refrigeration Compressors Fully closed low noise compressor rotor
Evaporator Finned tube heat exchanger (doubles as dehumidifier)
Condenser Air-cooled: finned tube heat exchanger.
Throttling device Expansion valve +Capillary
Plate heat exchanger (Cascade refrigeration system) Stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger
Chiller control The control system automatically adjusts the best energy-saving running conditions of the refrigerator based on test conditions
The evaporator cooling capacity switched by the solenoid valve of the driven control system
The return air compressor cooling circuit
Refrigerant R404a/R23 (Ozone depletion indices are 0, R23 for cascade refrigeration system)
Electrical Control System
Controller Model Korea TEMI880
Display Korea TEMI880:5.7 inch,640×480 dot matrix,TFT Color LCD display
Running method Program mode, valuation method
Setting Mode TEMI880 English menu , touch screen input mode
Program capacity TEMI880(Touch)
Program: Maximum 100 groups
Number of segments: Maximum 10,000 segment
The number of cycles: Maximum infinite loop
Range Temperature: adjustment the temperature according to operating range of the device
Resolution Temperature: 0.1 ℃ ; Time: 1min; Humidity: 0.1% RH (temperature and humidity testing equipment)
Input PT100 Platinum RTD
Communication function RS-232Interface, with computer communications software
Control The anti-windup PID
BTC balanced temperature control mode + DCC intelligent cooling capacity control + DEC intelligent electrical control (temperature test equipment)
BTHC balance of temperature and humidity control mode + DCC intelligent cooling capacity control + DEC intelligent electrical control (temperature and humidity testing equipment)
Curve recording function Having RAM with battery protection, set values , samples and sampling time period can be stored; maximum recording time of 180 days (when the sampling period is 60S)
Subsidiary function The fault alarm ,causes and handling prompts
The power protection
The upper and lower temperature protection
The calendar timer function (automatic start and automatic stop running)
The self-diagnosis function.
Software Environment
(User supplied)
IBM PC compatible, CPU PⅡabove, 128M or above memory, with RS-232 communication interface
Temperature and
humidity measurements
Temperature: PT100 platinum RTD
Humidity: wet and dry bulb thermometer method (Damp-heat only)
Damp-heatwater heat system (Damp-heat only)
Water supply Pump upgrade
Water supply device location Drawer front tank
Tank volume 50L (Portable)
Water quality requirements Resistivity ≥500Ω·m
Safety devices
Cooling System The compressor overheating
Compressor overcurrent
The compressor overpressure
The condenser fan overheating
Humidification system
(Damp-heat only)
Add dry heat pipe
The water level exception
Water overtime
Chamber Adjustable over-temperature
Air conditioning channel limit over-temperature
The fan motor overheating
Other Total power phase sequence and phase loss protection (three-phase power supply available)
overload and short circuit protection
The Cabinet door opening many times that causing cooling system failure alarm protection