Sand and Dust Chamber MLTDC-2

Product information:
The test device is suitable for sealing parts and enclosure’s sand and dust resistance capacity testing of the electrical and electronic products, car and motorcycles spare parts and seals. In order to detect the use, storage, transport performance of the electrical and electronic products, car and motorcycles spare parts and seals under the sand and dust environment.
The inner of the test equipment is made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel, the enclosure is with cold-rolled steel electrostatic spray. And it is also has large observation window and manual wiper device. The security protection is good.
The test equipment uses intelligent digital temperature controller, humanized operation design, and different grades of meter operation functions are compatible. The input with digital calibration system, built-in common thermocouples and RTD nonlinear correction form, measurement is accuracy and stability. With position adjustment and AI adjustment function,
0.2 precision, multi-alarm mode.
The sand and dust test chamber is designed and manufactured according to IEC60598-1.

Function parameters:

Model   MLTDC-2
Working size(mm)   Can be customized
5. 1200×1400×1200mm)
Main technical parameters Temperature range Room temperature
Test dust dry talc which can go through the sieve of
75μm and the square sieve of wire diameter 50μm.
Dust way Flow Dust and floating dust, in the upper part of test chamber side mounted a sand
and dust outlet, blowing the dust which is in the sand and dust funnel into the
laboratory by dust blower blowing , then carry on the testing.
Sand and dust concentration 2~4kg/m3
Air flow speed ≤2m/s
Blowing sand time 1S~99H adjustable
Vibration hit Time 1S~99H adjustable
Timing range 0~99H
Vacuum Exhaust flow (0 ~ 6)L/min , , Pressure
(negative pressure):0~2kpa

Product main configuration

Device Name Dust and Sand Test Chamber
Main configuration Cabinet Enclosure material Cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spray
Inner material SUS304B Stainless steel
Sample holder Stainless steel
Observation window large observation window in the middle of the door, a 9W fluorescent lamp
Heating tube Stainless steel finned heating tube
Electrical control system Controller Intelligent digital control instrument
AC contactor Siemens
Solid State Gute (Made in China)
Time Relay Made in China
Intermediate relay Omron
DustSystem Fan Made in China
Dust box Stainless steel
Vibration motor Made in China
Vacuum pump Made in China
SecurityProtectionDevice Power overload, short-circuit protection
Ground Protection
Voltage Protection
Motor phase loss protection
Alarm beep prompt


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