Sand and Dust Test Chamber MLTDC-1


The sand and dust test chamber is designed and manufactured according to EN60598-1-2008 (luminaries) clause 9.2.1 – 9.2.2, it is applied for the dustproof test of the luminaries. The test device is suitable for luminaries, electrical and electronic product certification testing organizations and manufacturers’ quality control department to processing products testing.
The test chamber Inspects the specimen‘s dust resistance capacity using artificial sand and dust environment. It can achieve non-laminar flow dust-loaded vertical circular gas stream, and also can provide a bottom-up floating dust-loaded state, dust can be recycled for use in the test chamber. There is a observation window on the front door, and with wipe dust wiper. According EN60598-1-2008 standards there enclose dustproof socket and luminaries hanging holding hooks, the device can carry out power failure tests in accordance with luminaries test requirements, make it easier to detect when conducting the EN60598-1-2008 testing.

Function parameters:

1. Standard: EN60598-1-2008 (luminaries) clause 9.2.1 – 9.2.2
2. Inner space dimension: W1000mm*D1000mm*H1500mm
3. Device outer dimension: W1350mm*D1250mm*H2400mm
4. Test dust: dry talc which can go through the sieve of 75μm and the square sieve of wire diameter 50μm.
5. Dust amount: 2-3kg/m3
6. Air flow speed: <2m/s
7. Exhaust system pressure: Degree of vacuum no more than 20kpa
8. The temperature in the test chamber: RT+5~55℃
9. Parameter setting: Blow dust time and blow dust stop time can be set, the cycle time can be set; vibration dust time and vibration dust stop time can be set-up, the cycle time can be set; evacuation time and evacuation stop time can be set, the cycle time can be set; sample power on test time and sample power off test time can be set, sample power on; the test chamber temperature can be set, when the temperature reaches to the set value, the heating will stop automatically, if the temperature is lower than the setting value, the heating will automatically turn on .
10. Fully enclosed structure, the circulation fan dries the inside sand and dust suspended.
11. With the windows sealed door, and with dust brush, can be easy to observe the indoor situation.
12. With high-end adjustable shelve, to accommodate different test samples; with multiple overhead hooks, convenient to hang luminaries (one or more than one luminaries).
12. Configuration of the vacuum system: Pump, flow meter, vacuum gauge, filter. In addition to test the luminaries, but also to test the electronic products.
13. The inner wall is stainless steel, the outer wall is painted steel.
14. Configuration of sample test power (built-in dustproof outlet), sample power on and off are controlled by the device, the power inlet is separated from the device.
15. The control interface is in English language, automatic operation after the program parameters setting.
16. Security Protection: overload protection, leakage protection, short circuit protection.

MLTDC-1 Kum ve Toz Test Odası


The main configuration:

No. Name Specification QTY
1 Device  outer dimension W1350mm*D1250mm*H2400mm 1 SET
2 Stainless steel inner chamber W1000mm*D1000mm*H1500mm 1 SET
3 Circulating fan 1500m3/h 4 SET
4 Dust sieve The sieve hole is 75μm, wire diameter is 50μm 1 PC
5 Vibration motor 220V40W 4 SET
6 Samples shelved network Stainless steel 1 GROUP
7 Vacuum Table 10~100KPa 1 PC
8 Seal doors   1 SET
9 Perspective glass window   1 SET
10 Dust Brush   1 SET
11 Sample  power outlet Dustproof outlets 1 GROUP
12 Heater 500W 8 PC
13 PLC controller FX1S-14MT 1 SET
14 Touch screen SA-5.7A 1 PC
15 Vacuum hose   1 SET
16 Leakage protection switch 220V16A 1 GROUP
17 AC contactor 220V20A 7 PC
18 Control electrical box   1 SET