Short Test Pin Probe MLT-I9009


Product information:

This pin is intended to verify the protection against access to azardous live parts in class 0 equipment and class II equipment. It conforms to IEC61032 figure 9 Test probe13, IEC60950 figure 2B, IEC60335 and IEC60065 standard requirements.

Customizable: It can be used for enclosure protection test when open threaded hole of M6 at the end of the handle (connected with pull and push dynamometer).


Main specification and corresponding technical parameters:

Parameters / Model Test bar MLT-I9010
1 Ф3-0.050
2 Ф4 00 -0.5
3 15 -0.10
4 Ф25±0.2
5 4
6 Ф10
7 20