Smart water supply & control systems

Smart water supply & control systems
(Including the IPX7 immersion chamber)

A. Overall Parameters:

Flow control Intelligent control, can be select and set up the flow by the control cabinet
Large flow water pumps 0-7m3/h (set the value on the control cabinet screen, digital control by the controller)
Small flow water pumps 0-3m3/h(set the value on the control cabinet screen, digit al control by the controller)
Flow control Real-time monitoring by the flow meter, controlling the water pump rotational speed by inverter (IPX1-IPX6)
Water supply port 5-way
Water pipe material Stainless steel
Body material Industry aluminum alloy
Dimensions (LxDxH) 1100X1200X1500mm

B. IPX7 immersion chamber
The device is designed according to the IPX7 requirements of IEC60529 < Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)>. It can process IPX7 immersion test, also can be IP waterproof test equipment storage tank.

Structure Stainless steel square tanks, in front of the tank have graduated Plexiglas window
Inner dimension W600mmXD670mmXH1500mm
Level control Float switch + overflow pipe
Window size W200mmXH1300mm
Scale length 1200mm, the accuracy is 1cm

C. Integrated control cabinet

Water pump flow control Frequency control
Flow detection Flow signal feedback by flowmeter
Flow setting Can be set on the control cabinet screen
Controller Brand Mitsubishi PLC
HMI MT6070IH, 7-inch color , touch screen
Control function Flow control, vertical drop rain motion control, pendulum tube rain motion control, stage motion control, test time control, automatic needle nozzle cleaning motion control
Protection Leakage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection