Temp. Humidity & Vibration Combined Test Chambers

Can match appropriate vibration table. Meet all kinds of the corresponding temperature, humidity, vibration, three comprehensive test requirements. Widely used in aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, electrical, electronics, communications and other fields


Combined laboratory structure and refrigeration system as a whole, compact and beautiful, easy operation.
Refrigeration compressor, LCD touch screen and main parts are imported brand, equipped with RS232 communication interface.
Good mechanical transmission and match different types of vibration table.


408 1000
Working chamber volume(L) 408 1000
Interior size(W*H*D)mm 600*850*800 1000*1000*1000
Safety device No fuse breaker, over pressure、over heat and over current protection for compressor,
Over temp. protection, over load protection for blower,
Hydraulic and Water lack Protection dry heat protection
Power AC 380V/50Hz ,3phase 5 wires+ Ground wire 
Temp regulating mode Balanced Temperature & Humidity Control System(BTC)
Ambient temp  +5℃~+35℃
Performance Temp range  -70℃~+150℃
Temp constancy ≤0.5℃
Temp uniformity ±2.0℃
Humidity constancy ±2.5%RH
Humidity range 2.0%RH~98%RH
Humidity uniformity If humidity≤75%RHJ, ±3.0%RH;f humidity>75%RHJ, ±5.0%RH
Cooling rate ≤5 ℃/Min or ≤10 ℃/Min (-55℃~+80℃ within humidity range)
Material Exterior material Cold-rolled steel sheet (Rust proof & Plastic Spray treated )/ Stainless Steel plate
Interior material Stainless steel plate(SUS 304)
Insulation material Rigid polyurethane foam
Cooling system compressor Semi-Hermetic Compressor
Cooling mode Water cooled
Heater Iron-chrome wire heater
Blower Centrifugal Blower
Sight window 470mm*350mm Glass incorporating heat generator
Temp sensor Pt-100 
Controller Touch screen controller
Shaking table Custom made as required